Proud to be ashamed!

14 04 2011

Clean and tweaked - ready to get dirty again...

So my Work Stand of Shame methodology was successful…=-) I’m done working on my Bow Cycle 24 rando back up bike. Got almost everything done and what I didn’t do was for external reasons. The bike is nice and clean again.

Front fender tweaked and mudflap installed...

Fixed front flat, tweaked the fender alignment and installed a DIY milk jug mudflap.

The rear mega flap!

Taking some advice from I fashioned the rear mudflap from some stair covering material. It’s easy to work with – not sure how it will perform, but there is only one way to find out.

That's what a non-integrated fender line looks like...=-)

I noticed the left rear brake pad was loose so I sorted that out while I was at it. *sigh* What a F-ugly fender line – better than nothing I suppose.

A cockpit interrupted!

I got the Dinotte 200L-AA mounted so I have lights for this bike. I gave up on the GPS as the interrupter brake levers [which I don’t use] are right where the GPS needs to go. In a pinch I can mount it further to the left, but since my only need for the GPS is brevets and this is only a back up bike I won’t bother taking up valuable hand space with the GPS mount until I need it. When I do an overhaul of this bike I’ll strip the interrupter levers off it as they are dead weight to me and just taking up space I’d rather use for other things.

No Brooks yet...

My Brooks B17 Imperial Narrow saddle hasn’t shown up yet so I gave up waiting and will ride the stock plastic one until my Brooks arrives. I adjusted the rear light and checked that the batteries are in good shape. About 3hrs work all told that only took 9 months or so to get done!

This baby is ready to roll…=-)

How randon-ize a cross bike?

20 01 2011

Thank god cross bikes are so versatile...

If I am going to ride any brevets in 2011 I have to get some training KMs into my legs in early 2011. The best bike in my fleet for the job is my Bow Cycle BBC 24 cross bike. It’s light and responsive while still having room for fenders along with sensible rubber.  The wide range gearing is useful for when I am tired and steep climbs are in my way.  The powerful canti brakes will stop me fast in rain or shine.

Here’s how I’ll get it ready to rando:

  • adjust fenders [they got tweaked over the last couple years]
  • fit 30mm Grand Bois Cypres for a fast, but comfy ride
  • buy a Brooks road bike saddle [my existing saddles don’t work well for bars below the saddle]
  • add GPS mount and GPS for navigation
  • add a Dinotte light [with glare reduction DIY hack] upfront
  • add a Planet Bike Superflash at the back end for a rear light
  • add a tailrack bag for extra storage as needed
  • add a Road Morph pump to frame

Then I just have to ride that sucker!

Got room for fat rubber and fenders?

14 01 2011

Surly LHT with 30mm rubber and Berthoud fenders...

One thing I read online over and over is someone trying to fit bigger rubber and fenders into a frame not designed for them.  It’s particularly sad when someone buys an expensive performance bent/DF and realizes narrow high pressure tires aren’t as well suited to their needs as wider rubber, but the frame can barely accomodate 23mm tires without fenders so they are stuck with narrow rubber and either have to hack up a DIY fender solution or forego them entirely.

My advice is if you are buying a new bike – especially an expensive one – make sure you can fit at least 30mm tires and full coverage fenders on a 700c and 40mm tires and full fenders on a 26″ wheel frame.  If you don’t need or want anything bigger than 23mm for now no big deal the extra room doesn’t hurt, but you’ll have options for down the road.

Road bikes need fenders as well...

Back in Calgary I got some strange looks when I put road tires and fenders on my Bow Cycle 24 cross bike.  In Victoria everyone has fenders on their road bike.  Using a cross bike as a road machine is smart because there is lots of room for fenders.  Not only that, but I’m going to replace the 23mm racing tires with 30mm Grand Bois Cypres [instead of putting them on my LHT] since it will make a better rando bike for me.  On most road bikes there is no room for anything more than 23mm tires while on this rig 30mm tires and fenders will play nice.

Grand Bois 30mm tires installed - just needs a mudflap...

BBC Randonneur…

23 12 2010

Tweaking my saddle...

I posted some info on my randonneur-ized cross bike over at my Bow Cycle Blog.

My Bow Cycle Blog

10 06 2009
Riding the Bow Valley Parkway on my BBC 2-4 Cross Bike

Riding the Bow Valley Parkway on my BBC 2-4 Cross Bike

I’ve been really busy the past while and not able to blog as much as I’d like.  So if you want more blog content don’t forget I have a blog on the Bow Cycle website as well and I post there once or twice a week.

My 2nd Selle Anatomica

19 05 2009
Adjusting my new Selle Anatomica

Adjusting my new Selle Anatomica

Anna bought a Selle Anatomica Titanico saddle and after trying it for a while decided she preferred her old Brooks B-17 Champion Flyer.  Her rides tend to be on the shorter side around town and she didn’t find the SA was any more comfortable for this sort of use.  Being the good friend I am I bought it from her since I love my Selle Anatomica saddle.  I put it on my Bow Cycle 2-4 test bike as the stock saddle isn’t comfortable for 4hrs+ road rides.

The SA saddle on my BBC cross bike.

The SA saddle on my BBC cross bike.

Bowness Bike Company 2-4

9 04 2009
My new very red BBC 2-4...=-)

My new very red BBC 2-4...=-)

I’m going to be doing a longish term test of a BBC 2-4 cross bike this season.  I’ll be posting details over on my Bow Cycle Blog for those who are interested in such things.

Big Dummy Review

22 12 2008

bdnivI’ve posted a Big Dummy review over on my Bow Cycle blog for anyone who wants more dumb content…=-)

Bow Cycle – Vik’s Picks

30 11 2008

Nick Thompson

photo: Nick Thompson

Bow Cycle is one of my favourite LBSs – even though it isn’t really all that local! [15km ride each way from me]  I’ve been a customer since before ’96 and bought a lot of my bikes/parts there over the years – including: Surly Big Dummy, Surly LHT, 2 BikeE CTs and Cannondale R800 – as well as lots more bikes for my friends.  They are keen to expand their on-line presence and have asked me to keep a blog on their shop website here.  Content will be about 50% written just for my Bow Blog and 50% recycled content about bikes I’ve bought at Bow.

Bow Cycle is a great shop so I’m happy to help them out and they’ve hooked me up with great bikes so I’ve got lots of Bow Cycle related ideas for posts.  They’ve agreed to let me have some bikes on short and long term loan so I can ride them and write reviews.  That’s ideal for me as I love to try out new bikes without having to deal with buying and selling them.  So if you have any specific bikes you’d like to get some feedback on let me know.  If Bow Cycle has one in stock I’ll talk to them about getting it for a test and post my evaluation.

The first bike will be a Bow Bicycle Company 2-4 cyclocross bike which is a special design/spec made for them by Cannondale.