The last ride of the Lazy Randonneur…

26 06 2013
Adios Amigos...

Adios Amigos…

This blog has run out of space and I’ve sold my rando bike so I can use the $$ to buy a new 650B MTB and so I can focus my bikey energies on mountain biking & dirt touring. It seemed like an appropriate time to let the Lazy Randonneur ride off into the sunset.

Unless WordPress gets mean this blog should continue to exist as a reference for you and me. You can still access my old Lazy Rando Blog over at Blogger if you want to go way back to 2006.

I figure 7yrs and ~2500 posts of the Lazy Randonneur has been a great run. Thanks for reading! 🙂



I’ve got some other feeds that are still rolling along, but at a slower speed. The links are below. Don’t expect regular updates though – they’ll happen sporadically.

Where did the trail go?

Where did the trail go?

One practical note – I’m going to keep updating the links on this blog. It’s got a ton of good ones and I don’t see any reason to move them to a new site.



54 responses

26 06 2013

It’s been great following you. enjoy your next adventures

26 06 2013

Such a sad day for bike nerd blog readers. We’ve enjoyed all of your posts Vik! We hope you have some great adventures in your future 🙂

26 06 2013
Andy D. (Big Dummy Daddy)

Happy trails!

It’s always better to ride than to blog anyway.

26 06 2013

I enjoyed the ride.

26 06 2013
Mike Lodewyk

All the best Vik, definitely going to miss your posts. Did ya buy the bronson?

26 06 2013

Thanks folks for the kind words.

@Mike – no I’m still waiting to see what Knolly is going to do for a 650B bike. I want to buy a nice one so there will likely still be some savings/selling going on until I have the amount I need.

26 06 2013

Wanted to offer a sincere mahalo for all the info and guidance you’ve given me as a biker and wannabe explorer on this blog. It will be sorely missed! Checking in for updates is part of my morning ritual. I’ve just added your vicapproved site to my reading list, and look forward to continuing to learn from you there!

26 06 2013

Shit man.. I’ve been following you since the early days of your original blog when I first started bike touring and got your link from Bike Forums. Real bummer cause I always like to check in to see what your rolling on and the gear you recommend.

Thanks for all the great posts over the years and enjoy the ride !

26 06 2013

Vik, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the years. You’ve inspired me to try out my first bikepacking adventure later this fall. For those of us stuck in some boring parts of the midwest, I was always interested in your latest adventure. Thanks for the entertainment. Best of luck for your future plans.

26 06 2013

Thanks Vic, I’ve been following your blog for years and it’s been great! good luck with everything and I hope you keep having all those adventures.


26 06 2013

Ha! enjoy the ride as much as you can… you’ll never know, but one day, like me, you’ll feel a little older, and if you come back to being a true Rondo, we’ll all be the better for it. Best of luck Vic, and thanks for the years of great and inspiring posts. One of the best blogs I’ve bookmarked. Cheers!

26 06 2013

I’ve really appreciated your posts. This year I joined the fat-bike brethren and found the insight here invaluable.
Your voice will be sorely missed. It feels like losing the best DJ on a local pirate radio station, a voice in the wilderness. If you ever come back on the air, know you’ll have an audience.
Had Hard Harry been the pirate DJ of the biking world, we’d probably hear him say “Ride hard!”
Best of luck, Vik.

27 06 2013

Wow, all good things have to come to an end, eh. This blog has been a true inspiration to me as I’m sure that it has been for others. I’ve been checking in weekly for years now. It’s amazing that now, a guy in France rolling on a Tikit, a Big Dummy and a 29er, has been in no small part influenced by some Canadian named Vic. Keep on trucking and, I guess I’ll have to follow you elsewhere.

27 06 2013
Gerco van Vulpen

Thanks for all the great posts over the past years! Really enjoyed reading all of them and i appreciated your views… I’ll be checking your other blogs for sure…. Keep enjoying all of your outdoor adventures!!
Cheers, Gerco.

27 06 2013

Let me add to the chorus. So often I found great information on your blog. be it recumbents, cameras, kayaks, and who knows maybe one day I will use that SUP knowledge you shared. I will definitely check out the Vic approved blog.
Thanks very much. Dean

27 06 2013
Fat Bob

Thanks for all the useful advice and for sharing your world with us, Vik. I’ll keep my eyes on your flicker site for photo ops

27 06 2013
Brian Y.

Vik, thanx’s for all the inspiration to get out there and “try” whatever. You’ve taken us from recumbents to folders to fat bikes, from Mexico to the Canadian Rockies, to the ocean to the fire roads and singletracks. Your efforts have brought inspiration to countless others through your words and pictures and for that we owe you so much.

Have a great ride, have a cold one on me, catch you on your other channels…..

27 06 2013

Before I bought my Bike Friday tikit, I did my online research and found your blog. So I’m not giving up on you; I’ll follow And, knowing me, probably buy something to make up for the loss.

27 06 2013

All the best Vik!

cheers & beers!

27 06 2013

Not an end, just a new chapter. I enjoy the bikepacking tales more, and will link to your new blog.

27 06 2013

Many, many more thanks from me. It started for me with a search for a folder and finding Vik – someone from Calgary giving a year-round thumbs up to the Tikit -played a big part in my getting my own. I progressed into true fandom by following up with a Big Dummy and a BF Tandem (triple in my case) – and various other bits like Ortleib panniers from the Touring Store. It’s been great to have a trusted source of information and insight.

28 06 2013

Thank you for the inspiration and for the advice. You Are Great. Ciao.


28 06 2013

aw man! hope you do return to riding again. You’ve kept a quality blog no doubt. It will be missed.

28 06 2013

Hey Vik, best of luck with all your future endeavours, and stay in touch.

28 06 2013
Micheal Blue

Vik, it must be possible to delete the oldest posts to make more space 🙂 I can understand one may run out of time or inspiration. Have fun MTB. My tikit is also sending best wishes.

28 06 2013

@Michael – why would I want to delete older posts? It took a lot of time to create them.

I could just start a new Lazy Rando Blog on WP with fresh storage if that was the only issue.

The Lazy Rando is over. It’s just time to move on.

28 06 2013
Jon Woodman

Well, crumb. Thanks, Lazy, for the many enjoyable posts.

28 06 2013
Steve Fuller

I hate to see the blog go, but I can empathize. I will have to continue to internet stalk you and Scott on your gear report blog and flickr. 😉 Keep the rubber side down. 🙂

28 06 2013

Shoe Goo stock is down 14 points in today’s trading 😦

28 06 2013

Have enjoyed your blog Vik. I will keep checking in on things over at Vikapproved. You have infected me with the Fat Bike Fever some how I will get one and will bike pack the north east coast of Haida Gwaii. Keep on riding.

28 06 2013

Thanks for a great blog Vik, I’ve been following since you were building up your Thorn Nomad. Enjoy your mountain biking and bike packing, you’ve got some amazing countryside over there to explore.

29 06 2013
Derick Mitchell

Your style & ease at the keyboard has kept me entertained for several years. We love your bikes. You need to start a Like page or group page on facebook.

29 06 2013

Thanks again for the kind words.

I’m hopeful that will end up continuing the best parts of TLR. Perhaps with more focus it will turn out to be a better blog.

30 06 2013
Gary Keats

I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a number of years. I’m sorry to see the end. Thank you.


1 07 2013
rkt88edmo (@rkt88edmo)

Thanks for all the blogging Vik – look forward to continuing to follow

3 07 2013

I’m sad to see this blog coming to an end, Vik – thanks for all the posts, especially the ones about bikes and gear;) I’ll be following you on vikapproved from now on.

3 07 2013

Thanks for sharing the ride with us.

3 07 2013

Thanks for your time Vik. All the best, Mark

5 07 2013

Take care, Vic. I will check you out later.
Paz 🙂

6 07 2013

Sad for your fans… Thank you for all these posts.
Ride well !

8 07 2013

Thanks for all your posts on building up Pugsleys, I will use that info when I build mine up. I plan for an Alfine 11 speed with Rolling Darryls and maybe Lou’s.

Interesting, because The Oil Drum just announced that it will pack it in after 8 years. Seems we’re at Peak Oil so what’s the point of continuing the analysis predicting when it will happen? Are we now at Peak Blogging?

Hey, I don’t know if you might be interested, but this winter my friends from California and I are thinking of going down a wilderness 40 km long palm canyon in Baja that spits out north of Bahia de Los Angeles. Only a few people have gone down it, mostly hikers, or people who bring quads over by boat and go up from the beach. We want to go down from the canyon head, then maybe packraft down the coastline back to civilization or get picked up via GPS, not sure yet (we’ll have campfire-powered desalinators so we don’t die). 50 years ago some guys did it on motorbikes with a huge support crew. This time it will be a fat bike mission, maybe you want to come. Still figuring it out, I have more info and previous trip accounts if you want. We scoped it out last month when we went to the salt lake that is near the entrance to the canyon (40 degrees in summer…)

10 07 2013
Jill Homer

Happy trails!

11 07 2013
Jan vq

Always interested in your blog – not really a biker myself – more a sunday (sunny day) – rider. Must be your style, very good tech info, always into (testing) new stuff, nice pictures and your ‘adventurous’ life. Many thanks – great archive – All the best from Jan (Belgium)

17 07 2013

Thanks for the great ride, Vik. I learned a lot here and appreciate the efforts you took to produce this blog. Look forward to your future efforts.
Keep the rubber side down!

22 07 2013
Gary C

Thanks for keeping the blog going for so long Vik, a fantastic piece of journalism! I first became aware of yourself and your blog through the Thorn forum and have been a regular reader since then. I hope you carry on enjoying the fantastic countryside in your part of the world – i’m not in the least bit envious! All the best to you.

30 07 2013

wow! there’s a limit on WordPress??? is there one on Blogspot? i hope not! Been great reading your stuff, have personally bookmarked a few posts of yours for future reference, eg, Alfine Service… etc.

31 07 2013

@Swtchbckr – yes you get a limited amount of space – mostly the issue is high res photos. I have a lot of them on my blog hence running out of room. You can pay for more storage space, you can delete old posts or you can use lower res photos.

4 08 2013
John Campbell

Hey Vik
Thanks so much for all the posts, used to live in calgary and been following you ever since. If you are ever over Scotland way give me a shout.

Keep your wheels turnin’

21 08 2013

Thanks for sharing sharing your rides Vik! Your blend of humour, knowledge and adventurousness will be missed 😦

14 09 2013

Love your work Vik! You have provided so much inspiration and detailed info over the years. I’ll be visiting back to your site as a reference for some time to come and checking out VikApproved. All the best buddy!

PS I have a chance to buy a bike before I have to leave Canada (visa is running out). For an all round bike that can use on lots of shorter bikepacking trips around Tasmania: should I go for the Ogre (already bought a second hand frame) or the ECR (there is one at my LBS!)? It has to be the ECR right for the extra terrain it might open up?

14 09 2013

Ya I’d get the ECR. You can always run the same wheels and tires as the Ogre.

11 10 2013
Slo Joe


Gonna miss ya here. Bon chance wherever ye goes.

3 12 2013
Ped Al

Vik, I have just finished my 6th year at Lovethefold. And just happen to pop into your blog to read this!!!! Yes, 7 years is indeed a long time and if that is the case, I have one more year to go.

Will certainly miss all your adventure articles and the bicycle blog world wont be the same without you.

But as they say, if you gotta go, you gotta go. Take care and God be with you wherever you are, and whatever yo do. Your blog has touched many! Mine included Bro.

4 12 2013

@Al – I am still blogging. Just at a reduced pace and with more focused content over at

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