JS’ AZT 300 Report…

4 06 2013
John Schilling & the AZT...

John Schilling & the AZT…

John Schilling posted an excellent AZT 300 bikepacking race report on his blog with loads of photos. If you like multi-day mountain bike racing this report is worth a read.



3 responses

5 06 2013
John Schilling

Vik, thanks for the kind words. You have a wealth of mtb knowledge here, keep up the great work.

5 06 2013

Thank you posting your trip report. I’m considering touring the AZT this fall or perhaps the just the AZT 300 [plus making a loop or Coconino 250 loop.

I appreciate reports like yours that paint a picture of what the trail is like.

6 06 2013
John Schilling

I really appreciate the effort the record holders put out on these type of events, I however, just can’t relate. The Coco250 is another such route that is both beautiful & brutal. If you haven’t seen my take on that one, here you go: http://schillingsworth.blogspot.com/2012/10/aes-coconino-250.html
Tons of pics in there as well.

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