Surly Krampus Fork w/ Anything Cage Mounts…

16 05 2013
Krampus porn...

Krampus porn…

Surly is selling a Krampus fork with mounts for Salsa Anything Cages. It’s something you have to buy separately from a Krampus and it will only be available in black, but if you really must have cage mounts on your Krampus fork a solution exists. This fork isn’t shown on Surly’s website yet, but I confirmed with Surly that it does indeed exist. Surly forks typically cost ~$100.

Here is a pic of it.

Construction and fork stiffness will be the same as the stock Krampus fork.



4 responses

16 05 2013

I wonder how it’d work on a Karate Monkey?

16 05 2013

@yard – it would change raise the front end 15mm and increase the fork rake a few mm.

If you want the cage mounts without messing with your bikes front end get an Ogre fork. It is the same size as the KM fork, but has cage mounts. The KM and Ogre forks will both fit a 29 x 3.0″ tire on a 50mm rim.

16 05 2013

What about drilling the existing fork and installing pop rivets for the Anything Cage???

16 05 2013

@Ryan – You could do that. I’m not keen to mess with forks myself so I’d just hose clamp cages on if I needed them, but I’m not really keen on any cages on the forks if at all possible. I find they get in the way and get banged up in use.

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