Downtube Water Bottle Cage…

16 05 2013
1.5L water bottle...

1.5L water bottle…

I wanted to see how well a downtube mounted water bottle cage would work on my Krampus. I didn’t love the fork mounted cages I tried on my Scandal 29er. Plus if the DT cage worked I could always add fork mounted cages later if I needed a ton of water on a trip.

Two bottle cages...

Two bottle cages…

I just used two hose clamps on the Topeak cage and them a velcro pant strap at the top of the bottle. It seems pretty secure, but only time will tell.


Stem mounted bottle cage…

Combined with the stem mounted bottle that gives me over 2L of water.

Just enough tire clearance...

Just enough tire clearance…

Here are a couple close ups.

The magic of hose clamps...

The magic of hose clamps…



7 responses

16 05 2013


The Krampus looks great! A friend in Rotterdam, NL recently suggested taping the bottle cage to the frame. Either electrical or duct tape were suggested. Tape around the tube and the backside of the cage, not only on the exposed tabs (as when mounting via hose clamps). The solution is lightweight and clean looking. Also, tape comes in many colors to match your colorway or choice. Bright green? White?

I have done this to each leg of my Reba. Only a few days so far, but seems to work fine.


16 05 2013

Why outside the frame, and not inside? Looks like where it is, the bottle will get all manner of crud on the neck/mouth area and contaminate the bottle.

16 05 2013

@Vic – when I will be using the Krampus with this cage it will have a frame bag inside the main triangle like this:


The bottle will indeed get dirty there. I won’t be drinking directly from the bottle. I will decant this water into my stem mounted bottle which will stay clean.

Where I live I resupply with water from creeks. Every time I do so I will wash the outside of the bottle.

For particularly muddy tours I will throw plastic bag over the bottle to act as a condom.

The other spot folks carry water bottles on bikes like these is mounted to the fork as Nic alludes to. This spots gets dirty as well.

16 05 2013

@Nic – I have been following your adventures in Europe and noticed your tape mounted cages. My brain wants to say that isn’t as secure or stiff as I’d like, but I know the only way to find out is to try. I’ll be following your exploits this summer and will be keen to see what happens. If it works for you I’ll have to consider it for my bike.

One thing I do like about hose clamps [beyond the fact they are strong, cheap and ubiquitous] is that they can be removed/installed in a under a minute.

That way I can go from touring to MTB and back easily.

Have a great tour! I’m jealous of the food and riding!… 😉

16 05 2013


I am not a big fan of the water bottle mounts on the fork. In fact I was disappointed. Not to mention I almost destroyed a wheel as I was swapping an empty bottle from the seat stay with a full one from the fork (I was dehydrated and not thinking straight when I missed the cage and jammed it into the spokes). There is some utility but man do the water bottle cages take beating, even on nicely paved routes. I am suprised that the Krampus didn’t come with mounts there.

Thanks for the tip.

16 05 2013

@Brent – Surly sells a Krampus fork with water bottle/Anything Cage mounts. You have to buy it separately and it would be black only. It’s not shown on the website, but some vendors are already selling them.

16 05 2013

The Mukluk came with mounts on the tube, I think the hose clamps or tape will work fine.

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