Travel Document Security…

12 05 2013

Scan your important documents…

Losing your important documents while traveling can be a huge problem. You can’t get on an international flight without your passport and you can’t pay for a hotel without your credit card/bank card if you don’t have cash.

Here is what I do when I am going on a major trip:

  • check that all my documents are up to date
  • check that the magnetic strips on my credit cards and bank cards are in good shape
  • renew/replace as needed
  • scan all my documents and both sides of any cards into PDF files
  • I print a copy and leave at home
  • I print another copy and leave with a friend
  • I use my Gmail account or an online drop box service to store copies of these PDFs for access on the road

This way if I lose some or all of my documents I can either look them up myself online and/or have someone at home help me get back on track.

A few more tips:

  • have at least 2 credit cards and 2 bank cards so you can lose one and still keep on traveling without a huge hassle
  • store the spare cards somewhere besides your wallet so it less likely you’ll lose both at once
  • keep enough cash on you for several days of traveling so if you lose your cards you have time to sort out how you’ll access more money
  • if you can’t lock your valuables while traveling hide them instead
  • when I am beach camping I just bury my cash and documents in the sand for security



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