Krampi have landed!

7 05 2013
Surly Krampus complete...

Surly Krampus complete…

I just noticed that The Fairfield Bicycle Shop has 3 Surly Krampus complete bikes in stock [small, medium & large] if you are Knard curious and on the island. The complete bikes seem very nice. If I was doing it over I’d be tempted to buy a complete rather than build a bike up from a frame to take advantage of the OEM cost parts.

I got my Krampus frame/fork and tires from Fairfield. They got my order sorted out quickly and the price was competitive with the US mail-order options.

The Krampus is proving to be a very fun bike to ride and Surly has managed to tweak the front end geometry so those big tires don’t suck the life out of the steering. In fact you very quickly forget you are riding an unusual MTB and just enjoy the great traction and comfy ride.

These bad boys are worth a test ride if you are in the market for a rigid 29er. 🙂



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7 05 2013
Rivers Mitchell (@pedalhound)

Saw that down there on Saturday….sexy bike.

9 05 2013

They had a Krampus in the window at Dodge City Cycles in Cumberland….they are getting around!

8 06 2013
Ian S

Hi Vik:

I am in the market for a bikepacking/light singletrack bike, and I was hoping to get your feedback. You are someone who has put on a lot of miles on a variety of bikes:

* randonneur
* full suspension MTB
* hardtail front suspension MTB
* Pugsley fatbike
* Jeff Jones fat front
* Krampus 29+

After spending time on all of these, what is the bike you would build if you were to have just one for the backroads of Vancouver Island, as well as your local trails?

Thank you for your feedback.

8 06 2013

@Ian – if I could only have one bike I would probably get a FS MTB and make it work for the rest, but it would be ideal for trail riding and less awesome. Thing is I bikepack say 5-8 times a year and I trail ride 60 times a year so I’m going to get a bike that works best for my main type of riding.

If I could have 2 bikes I would have a FS MTB and go a little longer in travel and slacker angles to be a trail only bike.

My second bike would be a Krampus. Rigid and versatile for bikepacking, gravel road riding and as a back up trail bike. If you got a straight up 29er [say a Karate Monkey] or niche 29er like a Jones you’d be fine as well. I like the 3″ Knard tires, but they are not essential at all. A front suspension 29er would work as well.

I would consider what type of rides you are going to do the most and get a good bike for that and then make sure it would be okay for the other rides you do.

10 06 2013
Ian S

Thanks! It sounds like you prefer your Krampus to your fatbike for bikepacking; and your Nomad FS to your fatbike for trails. I’m curious where and when the fatbike fits in to your riding schedule?

10 06 2013

I go to Baja for 1-3 months at a time.I take the Pugsley there because I live on the beach and a fatbike is the only way to get around.

I bought the Pugsley in Calgary where there was a solid winter for 6 months and a fatbike made a lot of sense.

I don’t need a fatbike where I live now on the coast [no sand beaches and no snow].

If I was starting from scratch I wouldn’t buy a fatbike for my current riding. Since we own a couple we keep them and use them when they make sense – even if that’s not for a lot of rides.

Having said that I could have simply bought a set of Krampus wheels for the Pugs and buildt them offset. It would have been a good use of the existing fatbike.

However, I had a 29er I could swap the parts over to a Krampus frame so that was the easier path to follow.

10 06 2013

My GF isn’t going to spend a lot of $$ on bikes so if she wants to bikepack more than occassionally we might go with a 29+ wheelset for her Pugs. It would be the cheapest way for her to get a non-fat bikepacking bike.

For the odd tour the Pugs works fine.

However, she isn’t a strong rider so any speed increase she can get would be helpful.

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