Bike Condom…

3 05 2013
Kinda ugly...

Kinda ugly…

Hauling your expensive MTB around on the back of your car across the continent gets a little depressing when it starts to rain and your bike is coated in the nastiest road spray. Not only do you have to wipe the bike down just to ride it without getting filthy, but all that water and grit aren’t doing your components any favours.

So like they taught you in high school when in potentially dangerous territory protect what’s between your legs! 😉

Bikes ready for the drive back to Canada...

Bikes ready for the drive back to Canada…

We use whatever falls to hand readily. Usually garbage bags or plastic sheeting from Home Depot and duct tape to secure it. I only cover the drivetrain, brakes, saddle, suspension and handlebars. That leaves the wheels mostly open so cars following you can see you taillights.

One advantage to doing this beyond keeping your bike clean is it obscures your bike’s true value making it less attractive to thieves. 


Clean bike at end of road trip…

It takes about 10mins to wrap the bike and another 10mins to unwrap it. Not a huge deal, but I wouldn’t bother if I was just doing a day trip. I have used leftover mattress covers and bungee cord to cover bikes before. This has the advantage of being very fast. Just drop the cover over the whole bike and wrap with bungee cord. The cover can be removed and reused a few times. The downside is that the cover quickly gets dirty and obscures your taillights. I had a cop pull me over and make me remove the mattress cover for that reason. 😦 If you have a wide vehicle you might get away with it.



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3 05 2013

Great idea, considered it a few times, even the heavier bike covers you can buy from shops, but concerned all the flapping would rub away at the paint, especially if the bike was a little muddy first.

Also, in the UK you are legally required to have un-obstructed lights so most racks come with a light board. I dont think id want to drive with obstructed lights at any point, nevermind with a bike as nice as yours on the back. Being rear-ended in that situation, knowing you might have avoided it, would just suck.

4 05 2013

As long as you don’t cover the wheels entirely the rear lights are visible through the spokes just fine.

Can’t say I’ve noticed any paint wear even on dirty bikes, but these bikes get dropped and crashed so perfect paint isn’t really something I worry about.

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