Santa Cruz Bronson – Don’t Feed the Trolls!

1 05 2013

If you want to experience some anti-650B Trollism – just head over to the Santa Cruz forum and settle into a Bronson thread with a beer. 😉



6 responses

1 05 2013

I love that there’s so much choice out there. Great to see the story behind bike design.

1 05 2013
Matt from Tacoma

This is great. “If you can’t feel the difference, why do you care?” I’m super green to MTB, and my 29er is all I know. I will not feed the trolls!

2 05 2013
Steve J.

That’s just great! The truth. One size doesn’t have to be the best. I have no problem with Santa Cruz making a 650b and if it has their name on it I’d be pretty damn sure it’s a worthy bike.

6 05 2013
Fat Bob

I think why people are so turned off by the 650b thing is because it’s almost a self promoting keep alive from the bike industry. Just when the 29″ wheel has taken over and is fully accepted, they discovered this perfect balance to save sales. Don’t get me wrong, I would happen to benefit greatly from the size as I’m only 5’6″, but it’s the timing from the industry that makes it a bitter pill. Kirk Pacenti was pushing the 650b 5+ years ago an no one listened, now with 29er sales leveling out and 26″ sales in a negative state 27.5 is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Meh.

9 05 2013

@Fat Bob – keep in mind 26″ wheels weren’t selected for MTBing for any good reason. We just fell into them and went along our merry way for a long time until 29ers came along and blew the mythology apart. Then people started thinking maybe we could get 29er benefits and 26er benefits in one package and got on the 650B bandwagon that KP was pulling all these years.

For sure they have a commercial interest, but just about everyone will be better off on 650B wheels than 26ers.

For those that don’t want 650B there will be 26er parts around for a long long long time as long as you don’t need the latest bling. My tandem runs on 8spd parts!

And those that need the latest bling were going to buy something new no matter what so why not 650B?

19 05 2013
Fat Bob

Vic, I hear ya. It’s more frustration towards the industry. I’m so heavily invested in the fleet of 29ers I really don’t want to think about another standard….. or do I?

Wonder when the 27.5 fat bike will hit the market 🙂

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