Canon S500 for Fiona…

30 04 2013
Time for some new adventures...

Time for some new adventures…

My trusty Canon Powershot S500 has been with me on many adventures…from India to Mexico and all over the Western US and Canada. I’ve taken some great photos with it and Canon has given me excellent customer service. All in all it’s been a pleasure to use. I’ve since bought newer Canon point and shoot cameras that have spoilt me with larger LCD screens, higher resolution and image stabilization. That’s left the S500 languishing in a drawer for the last few years.

Fiona co-piloting the family CETMA cargo bike...

Fiona co-piloting the family CETMA cargo bike…

I was talking to my buddy Doug and he mentioned his daughter Fiona was in need of a new camera so I am sending the S500 east to Calgary for her to use. I’m glad this camera will have a new home with someone who is sure to take it on many new adventures. 🙂



One response

1 05 2013
Fat Bob

Awesome! Way to pay it forward Vic, and you know every time you see one of her pix you had a small part in it

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