Sedona – The Last Ride…

29 04 2013
The Three Amigos ride one last time...

The Three Amigos ride one last time…

For our last ride in Sedona we picked a short loop close to the hotel so we could hit the trails early and get back in time to shower before we had to check out.

Sharon enjoying a cool AM ride...

Sharon enjoying a cool AM ride…

We rode Krusty, Grand Central, Jordan up to the sinkhole and then Adobe Jack Trail back down to the car. This area used to be called the Secret Trails when I first came to Sedona to ride in 1997, but now the trails are well maintained and signed – not so secret any longer!

Do we have to go home?

Do we have to go home?

It was a bit sad to know we were so close to the end of our trip. I managed 15 rides in 11 days without missing a day on the bike. Sharon got in 12 rides in 10 days with just one rest day. I’m happy to report zero crashes and no serious mechanicals. Just lots and lots of smiles – thanks Sedona! 🙂

Sharon with her red rock grin!

Sharon with her red rock grin!

After the ride we dropped off Sean and Deanna’s Ibis Mojo HD rental bikes back at The Fat Tire then checked out and enjoyed on last meal in Sedona at Sally’s BBQ before starting the long drive back to Vancouver Island via LA.

Time to drive...

Time to drive…

Everyone one had a great time in Sedona so I am hoping it won’t be hard to convince them to come back next year for a repeat performance. 😉



4 responses

30 04 2013
Hans Vreeburg

Thank you for sharing this great adventure whit us. Beautiful pictures of a great landscape. One question: have you allways wraped your bikes like this when the are on the car? I have never seen it like this over here in Europ.

30 04 2013

@Hans – If the bikes have to travel for 5000kms+ on the outside of the car I wrap them in plastic. It keeps the rain and road grit off the expensive parts of the bike. It also covers the bike a bit and I think makes it less interesting to thieve when the car is stopped for a while.

It takes time to wrap and unwrap the bikes so I wouldn’t bother for a short trip.

1 05 2013

Vik what size hitch do you have on the CRV? I’m selling my truck and will be getting into hitch mounted bike racks for the first time.. 2″ hitch is much more appealing to me than the smaller variant for transporting no more than two adult sized bikes at any time

1 05 2013

We have a 2″ hitch on the CRV. It’s secure with two 30lbs+ bikes on it.

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