Sedona, AZ…

18 04 2013
Concentrating on the stoke...

Concentrating on the stoke…

Sharon has knee surgery booked in just over a month and may well have the other knee done once she recovers from the first. That means for sure very little outdoor fun this summer and possibly none for the rest of the year.

Love the red rocks...

Love the red rocks…

So we decided to hit up Sedona Arizona for a mountain bike trip to keep the pre-surgery spirits high and get some more shred in Sharon’s 2013 scorecard.

Llama Trail...

Llama Trail…

Sedona is a great place to ride with so many trail options. Sharon’s never really mounatin biked anywhere, but Victoria so it’s an eye opener that trails can actually include lots of pedalling between technical sections and some sunshine! 😉

Welcome to Sedona...

Welcome to Sedona…

Going from sea level to 4500′ and being used to 2hr rides in a bike park Sharon needed some accimiltization to the riding in Sedona. We started slow and shorter, but have been building up to 3.5hrs+ loops of some pretty sweet trails.

What rocks?

What rocks?

So far so good. We are pretty much up to full steam and into a good rhythm of daily riding, eating and resting. Putting in a hard ride every day and being ready to repeat for a couple weeks is not easy. Especially when it’s your first extended mountain bike trip. Sharon’s doing great!



The weather has been cool to start with, but will be getting hotter over the next couple days. That’s been nice to allow us to adapt before baking us with temperatures that are well above what we are used to even in summer in coastal BC.

Snow - WTF?

Snow – WTF?

Sharon has a superpower that brings rain to every trip. Even when the forecast before we left was for mid-20 deg C and sunny the whole time. Yesterday she really went all out and we rode through a full on snowstorm for 25mins! 😉

Slickrock fun...

Slickrock fun…

I’m glad Sharon is getting a chance to experience one of the most fun mountain biking areas I have been to. It’s great to share a special place like Sedona with someone and watch their enjoyment grow. 🙂

Heading down the trail...

Heading down the trail…



7 responses

18 04 2013

So that’s what Sedona looks like, eh?
My one visit was around 3 am during the Grand Canyon 600K. So tired I was having hallucinations!

18 04 2013

Damn u guys in sedona as we speak? I’m visiting as well and just rode the llama yesterday among others..

18 04 2013

Oh yea I experienced that hail storm yesterday too.. Crazy weather cycles from sunny, to blizzard, to sunny..

18 04 2013

Ride some single track for me, Vic! Looks beautiful out there.
Peace 🙂

18 04 2013

@Yang – if you want to get together for a beer or a ride drop me a commment or email. We are here until next Thurs.

18 04 2013

We’re leaving sedona sat morning, and tomorrow we’re heading up to GCNP.. Would love to meet up man.. would have been nuts if I ran into you guys on the trails yesterday.. Just turned on my RSS app today and saw your post’s title. small world!

18 04 2013

We could grab a beer Friday PM or breakfast Sat AM. Just name a place and time… 🙂

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