Yakima Fat Racking…

17 04 2013
Sharon's Pugsley and Yakima rack...

Sharon’s Pugsley and Yakima rack…

Sharon uses a Yakima Hold Up 2″ receiver hitch rack on her car. It’s an older version so not exactly the same as what’s shown on the Yakima site, but looks pretty similar. We had never used it for a fat bike until the Missing Link Tour.

Front wheel...

Front wheel…

The Pugs went into the rack with little difficulty with its 4″ tires. The front wheel was secured normally with the rack’s arm. I added a small bungee to the front wheel so it couldn’t move. It doesn’t sink as deeply into the rack slot as a skinny tire MTB would.

Rear wheel is fat...

Rear wheel is fat…

The rear wheel is too fat to use the rack’s ratchet strap. So I attached it with another bungee cord. It held fine like this for a short-ish drive to Lake Cowichan. For a longer haul or if I was going down some rough roads I would use something more robust to secure the rear wheel.

Krampus Fits Fine...

Krampus Fits Fine…

The Krampus dropped into the rack without any special accommodations.



One response

17 04 2013

Yakima makes sweet racks, no doubt. I have a 1up USA rack, in which my bike is securely held without the use of straps or cords. 1 up USA racks accommodate bikes with wheelbases up to 52″ and tires up to 3-1/4″ wide. And they offer a spacer that enables their racks to handle bikes with tires up to 4.5″ wide.

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