Chilcotin Country…

8 04 2013

Looking forward to checking out some Chilcotin riding myself this summer… 🙂



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8 04 2013

WOW! That looks amazing!

8 04 2013
Doug Robertson (@upnorthdoug)

That looks insane riding with those big packs made for backpacking on their backs. Couldn’t have been fun riding that way.

8 04 2013

@Doug – the price you pay riding a FS bike that can’t accommodate a frame bag.

I’ll ride this bike:


With a daypack that holds food and will get lighter each day.

I’ll have more fun riding overall, but my bike won’t be as much fun to ride from a basecamp and do high speed downhill runs.

I it just depends what bike[s] you have and what part of the trip you want to optimize.

8 04 2013

I will be similarly packed, except that I will have panniers and a Burley Piccolo tag along.

8 04 2013

@coldbike – I’m having a hard time imagining how you are going to do that. I have no doubt you will. I just can’t compute it! 😉

9 04 2013

I sooo want to get up there this year. Actually, if I had 2 weeks off which I’m not sure I can get, I want to ride from Bella Coola to Terrace over the mountains (might require 3 weeks). You go up into North Tweedsmuir Park from the Bella Coola Valley, then follow the Mackenzie Trail east a little ways. Then apparently there is a trapper’s trail that runs north up to Eutsuk Lake. Then I’d ride the beaches or packraft northwest and into Whitesail Lake. Then cross this, and packraft down rivers / ride logging roads northwards. I wish I knew where the trails were up there, I bet it’s riddled with ATV trails I could use but how do you find out? Then head northwest via the Copper River and get spit out at Terrace, then take the ferry home.

Too much work, not enough play. Gotta pay for this gear somehow…

My recent snowbiking trip up Whistler went surprisingly well. I loaded the Mukluk with stuff, it was overflowing, but not super heavy since half the volume was my two sleeping bags (-15 at night). It handled well despite being loaded down.

27 09 2013
26 02 2014

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