Bike Portable Hot Tubs…

8 04 2013
Very Clever Cycling... ;)

Very Clever Cycling… 😉

I saw this posted over at Clever Cycles. I love this hot tub and if it wasn’t so expensive Sharon and I would find a way to buy one. The climate here on Vancouver Island is cool and damp most of the year so coming home from an adventure and being able to fire up the hot tub to soak our weary bodies would be so great. There is a ton of free firewood on the island so we could operate the tub for very little $$.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days the cash will be there for such a luxury…at the moment I’d rather update my FS MTB!  😉

BTW – I wouldn’t be planning to tow it anywhere with my bike. I just like the design!



One response

8 04 2013
Jolly Wahlstrom

We used to have an Alaskan hot tub. It used a fish tote for the tub and a Mexican wood fired hot water heater. It took hours to heat it up though.

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