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27 03 2013
Couldn't get it all in the Ortlieb...

Couldn’t get it all in the Ortlieb…

I frequently head out on an errand run with a single pannier. It’s actually a smaller Ortlieb front pannier that I keep loaded with tools/pump and locks. More often than I would like I collect enough stuff on my ride that I can’t fit it into my single pannier so I have to get creative.

A jacket and some bungees...

A jacket and some bungees…

On this particular day it was getting warm so I took off my extra jacket that was necessary when I headed out into the chilly morning air hours earlier. I wrapped it around my extra items and used a couple small bungees to strap it to the top of my rack.

It wasn’t the most secure way to carry cargo, but it held together for the bumpy ride home.

I really should start out with 2 panniers, but then I have to carry them around when I lock up my bike which is a drag. My ad hock cargo solution may not be elegant, but it’s low hassle!



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27 03 2013

Necessity is the mother of all invention!

27 03 2013

If I have a rack on the bike I’m on at the time I’ll do the same [though I use a buckle strap I cut off an old life vest because it is more versatile and secure], But what I usually do is I will have my tools in one of those draw string sling bags inside of my backpack, pannier or frame bag so I can just put the tools in my bag loose and either wear the draw string bag on my front or attach it to the handle bars somehow.

27 03 2013
Ty Smith

Great post Vik!

LIke you, I more than one bike, but not to the same degree!

I have my rando bike, plus my BIke Friday Tikit, which is for general commuting and light shopping, and my Surlyized cargo beast (Specialized mountain bike with Surly rigid fork, VO swept-back tourist bars, and CETMA 5-rail rack (new addition, yay!). I did my first Brevet on that bike, the details of which you were kind enough to post some time back. At that time there was no CETMA rack, it still had the rockshock and mountain bars.

Anyway, since shopping trips can go to either of the latter two bikes, I have a small little tool pack that I can go from my Ortlieb messenger backpack to my Ortlieb large pannier, (Geez! What a Ortlieb fanboy!) since for most commuting I use the backpack. Depending on the trip, it can be one panner, two panniers, or two panniers with backpack.

I do keep a couple of bungees and bungee cargo net in the tool bag for those occasions when I mis-judge what my likely haul will be. Has worked out really well, but I gotta say I like your make shift jacket/tarp solution! That means I could leave the cargo net home in a pinch (I’m all about lightening the load, you see…)

Anyway, as usual, great stuff! Keep it coming!


31 03 2013

I often pack a drawstring bag, to wear as a backpack or else strapped to the rack platform. The other solution is that I have an Ortlieb City Biker pannier, these have the upper hooks for the rack rails but no lower hook or stiffener; I’ve found that I can roll the pannier up, slip a length of double-sided velcro around it to keep it rolled then leave it hooked on the rails for when I need it. Not the greatest carrying capacity but handy and out of the way when rolled up, even gives my tourer a bit of retro respectability (if only it was leather) – surely there are similar soft panniers you can adapt to this task?

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