Crank Brothers Joplin Maintenance…

26 03 2013
Crank Brothers Joplin 3...

Crank Brothers Joplin 3…

Sharon has been happily using the Crank Brothers Joplin 3 height adjustable seatpost for the last couple years that started life on my Nomad. On the weekend the seatpost wouldn’t work reliably and Sharon had to struggle a bit to get the post where she wanted it.

Joplin installed in her Nomad...

Joplin installed in her Nomad…

Having a key part of your bike work inconsistently is frustrating so I pulled the cable and housing from her Nomad and replaced them with fresh ones. As soon as I did the Joplin was working perfectly again. I was glad the job was so simple and didn’t require any futzing with internal components.

Joplin remote lever...

Joplin remote lever…

Although both Kurt and I had to send our Joplins in once for warranty service Crank Brothers gave Kurt a free Joplin 4 upgrade and serviced mine for free. In the years since they have been working like champs without complaint and without any servicing of the internals.

I don’t regret buying the Joplin at all.



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