The more purple Pugsley…

22 03 2013
After som DIY rim painting...

After some DIY rim painting…

Sharon’s Pugsley has some wheels that need love. The aluminum spoke nipples are corroded to the point of nearly not existing. The old Large Marge DH rims are heavy even with the DIY cut outs I drilled. Plus I damaged some spokes when I did the drilling! 😦  So at some point in the next couple years we’ll replace the rims with Surly Marge Lites and rebuild the wheel with fresh spokes and nipples.

Before painting...

Before painting…

I figured since the wheels were not keepers I might as well experiment with some DIY rim painting.

Primer first...

Primer first…

I really liked the look of the white primer and if it was my bike I would have stopped here, but I don’t argue with a lady about style. 😉

Then Sharon selected a shade of purple...

Then Sharon selected a shade of purple…

I masked off the spokes with electrical tape. It worked fine at controlling most of the overspray. If you aren’t lazy you should probably cover the disc rotor with plastic or remove it.

Looking good...

Looking good…

The purple Sharon chose for the rims looks good with the frame in an understated Osmond Family sort of way.

The whole enchilada...

The whole enchilada…

The whole process cost me $10 for paint and $12 for beer. The result isn’t as pretty or durrable as powder coating, but it’s cheap and fast. If we get sick of purple we can change the colour anytime we want.



6 responses

22 03 2013

That’s what I call proper cost allocation. Top job!

22 03 2013

To be honest, I was skeptical when you drilled out those rims. No offense but it looked pretty redneck so I am glad to see it worked for you/Sharon.

22 03 2013

@Brent – Thanks – the rims are bomber even drilled out. If I was doing it again I would just slide something over the adjacent spokes to protect them and/or gone much slower.

The corroded AL spoke nipples are the real problem and not one related to the drilling.

22 03 2013

Only twelve bucks on beer? Either you’re not drinking enough of it or only drinking the cheap stuff!

22 03 2013

The photos and the bike look great, if you ask me.
Good job!
Peace 🙂

23 03 2013

Love the purple, though I agree with you about the white. I have a bit of a thing for white wheels. Also I love my Large Marge Lites so far 🙂 Oh, and I’m self-hosted now if you would care to update the ‘Perth Cyclist’ link on your blogroll to the new URL ( Thanks muchly!!

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