MEC Ace Sunglasses Review…

18 03 2013
MEC Ace Sunglasses...

MEC Ace Sunglasses…

I’ve been an Oakley sunglass whore for a couple decades. I love them, but they are expensive so as my Oakley lenses got scratched up and downgraded for more and more abusive use I decided to try some cheaper sunglasses as replacements.  I was at so I looked at what they had and these Ace sunglasses fit me pretty well.

I’ve used them for 6 months so far.

What I like:

  • optics are nice and clear
  • great for driving
  • they look a little nicer than my typical plastic framed sporty sunglasses
  • they fit my face
  • at $32 the price is reasonable
  • they come with a bag that doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • MEC is great about warranties and customer service
  • polarized  version available for $60
  • thin arms work well with most retention neck bands

What I don’t like:

  • frames are very flexible and small impacts bend them
  • lenses are heavy and glasses want to fly off my face if I’m making quick moves
  • starting to get scratched [about average in this department]
  • can’t really pack them in a bag unless I use a hard case or they will get bent

These sunglasses are working great for casual use. I like them a lot for driving my truck. They live on my face or get stored in the truck’s sunglass holder. I don’t like them so much for sporty use as they are not secure on my face due to the heavy lenses and not so grabby arms. Worse once you no longer need them on your face you have to be really careful or they be badly bent. They have been fixable every time I have bent them, but it takes a long time to get them back to a comfy shape.

For the price I would recommend them as a fashion sunglass or for driving. For active use I’d give them a miss.

I may buy a polarized pair to keep in the truck once I wear this pair out.