Chilcotin BC Bikepacking Videos…

15 03 2013

The map shown in yesterday’s post is for the Spruce Lake area of the Chilcotins in BC. These videos do a great job of showing the bikepacking potential there. Thanks to Doug aka Cold Bike for sending me the links!

I haven’t spent time in the Chilcotin area since my days in the army. It will be nice to go back with a bike and nobody shooting at me! 😉

Thanks to 2xNomad for taking the time to film, edit and post these videos. Getting to see a lot of the area from the comfort of a warm house is ideal for stoke building in the winter!

The plan will be to travel light so as to enjoy the mountain biking as much as possible.

Bike Geek Alertthese guys are riding FS bikes and using Old Man Mountain rear racks and panniers.