Ortlieb Repair…

6 03 2013
Buckle tear...

Buckle tear…

I had my first real Ortlieb failure. The buckles that close the roll top on my rear Ortlieb panniers both started to tear. I noticed it at home so it didn’t cause a problem.

Fresh buckle...

Fresh buckle…

I emailed Wayne at The Touring Store where I buy all my Ortlieb panniers and he mailed me some replacement parts for free. Thanks Wayne! 🙂

It's an easy fix with 2 bolts holing the buckle...

It’s an easy fix with 2 bolts holing the buckle…

Swapping in new buckles took a few minutes with a multi-tool. I checked the edges of the plastic frame to make sure they weren’t sharp. These are from the set of Ortliebs I lend to folks I tour with so it’s possible one of my friends got overly enthusiastic about tightening the buckles.

Ready to roll...

Ready to roll…

My Orlieb products have been virtually trouble free which is great, but it’s also nice to know that when stuff does go wrong I have a solid dealer to support me and that the product is designed to be easy to repair in the field.



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6 03 2013

Ortlieb also does a great job with repairs if you send them in. You can by small repair kits for some holes & repair it your self. But if you need to repair a big one they can take care of it. Matching like color & material where needed. They are a great company.

6 03 2013

Sorry, I should maybe add as a disclaimer I work for a shop that sells them, but get no gain from posting here. I have had Ortliebs for some time before that, and truly love them. Ortliebs are the best for North West weather. (as it is raining right now)

6 03 2013

I think you can get large PVC repair kits from anywhere that sells rafts or zodiacs, but I’m sure Ortlieb would be a very nice job cosmetically.

7 03 2013

Do you have any idea of the name or part number for that piece? mine has been torn for years but finally went last week. Its not listed on any websites i can see.


7 03 2013

@Stato – I don’t have a number for it. If you are in Canada or the US you could talk to Wayne at the Touring Store. He’d know.

7 03 2013

Thanks anyway but UK for me. Will try a local shop but most dont know arse from elbow so not hoping for much. Should be easy enough to knock up something myself if needs, its only a fabric loop with 2 holes in afteral!

7 03 2013

Send Ortlieb in Germany a photo of the part you are after. They should be able to pop a couple in the post or at least give you the part #.

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