Urban Adventures…

5 03 2013
The Selkirk Trestle...

The Selkirk Trestle…

Being banged up means I have to give the dirt a miss for a while, but it’s not so bad when you have a road bike you like to ride.

Ducks were MIA from the pond...

Ducks were MIA from the pond…

Luckily Victoria in winter offers some great urban riding options. Not only is the scenery nice, but there is excellent coffee along most routes… 🙂

Urban art...

Urban art…

We got caffeinated, did our errands and got some riding done. Another good day in the books.

Sharon looking Surly...

Sharon looking Surly…



3 responses

5 03 2013


Glad to see Sharon’s donkey box is still going strong! I didn’t think they would actually be all that durable. Good to see otherwise.


5 03 2013

@Ty – I’m a little surprised as well. It’s pretty much good as new – including a bike crushing crash Sharon had. She love the Donkey Boxx.

14 03 2013
Nick L

I picked a Donkey Box up for my girlfriend after seeing them here. 2+ years of daily commuting later, and the thing is in excellent shape. We recommend them to lots of friends.

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