New Look…

26 02 2013
Gratuitous LHT porn...

Gratuitous LHT porn…

Update: looks like the old theme Freshly is working again so back we go.

The old blog theme on WordPress went all wonky on me so I grabbed a new one. I’m not sure this one will stick, but it’s working for now. My main complaint is that posts containing just a Vimeo or Youtube video don’t show any visual preview on the main page of the blog. So you have to click through to the post to see them – not ideal.

If anyone has any cunning ideas how to fix that let me know. I like the rest of the Oxygen Theme. 🙂



2 responses

26 02 2013

Looks good so far. (-:

3 03 2013
Andrew Priest (Aushiker)

It would be great for RSS subscribers if you changed your RSS feed settings to at least give us a summary so we can decided if want to click through or not.

Having to rely on headings is not the best.

Otherwise looks good as always.

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