For Sale On One Scandal 29er MTB Frame and Fork…

23 02 2013
My On One Scandal 29er in bikepacking mode...

My On One Scandal 29er in bikepacking mode…

I’ve decided to sell my On One Scandal 29er frame and fork. This is an excellent XC 29er mountain bike. It’s well suited to a role as a bikepacking rig. It comes with SS/IGH dropouts and vertical dropouts so you can run a derailleur. The build quality, finish and attention to detail on this frame is outstanding. It puts my Surly frames to shame.

The fork and frame are in mint condition with very little signs of use and probably under 1000kms of riding on it. With a lot of that being non-technical bikepacking rides.

Scandal in Sedona...

Scandal in Sedona…

It’s a great bike so why am I selling it?

Our terrain around here is technical and steep. I’m finding the XC geometry of the Scandal isn’t ideal for mountain biking where I live. If I am going to have 2 mountain bikes I need to enjoy the second one on the trails as well as for bikepacking trips. My plan is to get another 29er with slacker geometry that will handle the steeps better.

Bikepacking with the Scandal...

Bikepacking with the Scandal…

Here are some Scandal features:

  • AL frame [no rusting] – 19.5″ frame with ~24.5″ effective TT
  • frame weight ~3.5lbs
  • sweet anodized stealth black finish with subtle laser engraved logos
  • tapered heattube
  • lots of clearance in frame for big rubber and mud [up to 29 x 2.5″]
  • swappable horizontal or vertical dropouts
  • accepts a dropper post
  • gusseted downtube for durability
  • large frame triangle for decent sized frame bag
  • rear rack mounts for touring or utility riding versatility
  • Rock Shox Reb RLT 100mm fork + spare seal kit [mint condition]
  • On One headset installed

You can see tons of photos of the bike at this link.

Downtube detail...

Downtube detail…


  • frame + Reba RLT + headset + BB = $600USD
  • shipping = $50USD anywhere in Canada/US
  • will pack the frame/fork very well for safe shipping
  • I will give preference to a local sale.
Dekerf style seatstay/seattube junction...

Dekerf style seatstay/seattube junction…

My experience with On One was great and I’ll certainly consider another one of their frames. The design details and build quality is one level higher than my usual affordable frame solution – Surly. In fact the only frames I have seen that are nicer are custom builds that cost 7 – 10 times as much.

Swappable horizontal dropouts...

Swappable horizontal dropouts…

Note the rear brake is mounted inside the rear triangle for a clean build.

Red rocking and rolling...

Red rocking and rolling…

Who should buy this frame/fork?

  • I’m 5’11” with a 33″ inseam and long arms
  • I wouldn’t recommend the Scandal for anyone smaller than me
  • someone larger can fit fine as I used a very short stem
  • this would be a very nice XC race bike or XC trail bike
  • it’s versatile so you can bike tour with it using a rear rack
  • or you can bikepack with a set of frame bags
  • setup with an IGH it’s very low maitenance
Headtube/top tube detail...

Headtube/top tube detail…

You can read my review of the Scandal 29er here and you can read another review of the Scandal 29er here.

Thumbs up for the Scandal 29er...

Thumbs up for the Scandal 29er…

There are a bunch of reviews of the Scandal 29er on MTBR at this link.

Alfine 11 IGH drivetrain...

Alfine 11 IGH drivetrain…

In its current build it’s a perfect bikepacking rig and a low maintenance XC trail bike.

Schwalbe Racing Ralph + Stans Flow rim + Hope Pro II hubs...

Schwalbe Racing Ralph + Stans Flow rim + Hope Pro II hubs…



5 responses

27 02 2013

Have a look at new Canfield Nimble 9 spec Vik, I think it’s fit the bill for your replacement….

27 02 2013

@MIke – I test rode a N9. It’s a nice bike. I had issues with my big feet hitting the chainstays due to the way they are designed for tire clearance. Not a show stopper, but I might have to use less bulky shoes.

The new version of the N9 is changed quite a lot from the one I tested so it might be better in that regard. However, they moved from steel to AL and they got rid of the sliding dropouts which I found useful with so many IGHs in my garage.

It’s definitely on my radar…so is the Chromag Rootdown and Surface.

Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

28 02 2013

N9 is still steel for 2013, and has improved heel clearance. Rootdown is good bet too at that pricepoint, especially if it has Chromag’s new chipset inter-changeable dropouts.

1 03 2013

@Mike – you are right. I must have crossed my wires…that looks great.

1 03 2013

Last HT suggestion (I promise): Raijin. Not as slack as N9, but lighter and arguably more nimble and spry. I think it’s outright perfect and if I change bikes in 2013…it will be for this Kona for sure.

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