Scott’s new Rick Hunter Fatty…

21 02 2013
This rig is headed to NAHBS...

This rig is headed to NAHBS…

Scott from Porcelain Rocket has made peace with moving to a city with winter by scoring a slick Rick Hunter custom fat bike. 😉 It’s got fat bike wheels [Rolling Darryls and Big Fat Larry tires] with an extended mini-cargo bike wheelbase for stability and hauling power. Naturally it sports a sweet set of Scott’s custom bike bags. 🙂

This bike is headed to NAHBS so you’ll no doubt see many amazing photographs of it in the coming days.

The bike without bags...

The bike without bags…

Update: there are some nice photos of the bare frame/fork at Rick Hunter’s Flickr.



10 responses

21 02 2013
All Seasons Cyclist

It is a work of art — but I’d hate to take it up a hill when fully loaded.

21 02 2013
Eric Dahl

this bike is so niche it’s incredible

22 02 2013

Cant wait to hear more details !!

22 02 2013
Toni Lund


22 02 2013

Awesome! I bet that’s no heavier than my bike with cargo trailer attached. I’d much rather have the cargo fatty. Way more versatile.

22 02 2013
Barry S

Why??? when my understanding of the FB is it’s not for pavement???

22 02 2013

@Barry – you can ride a fat bike on pavement and you might just want to carry a bunch of gear off pavement as well.

22 02 2013
Matt Campbell

Totally sweet bike! My inner-Fred just loves anything remotely utilitarian and that bike combines two my current most favorite bike things – cargo bikes, and fat bikes. I have a longtail cargo bike, but no funds or space for a fat bike at the moment. I’ll have to keep an eye on these for the future though.

22 02 2013

What happens when a cruiser, fat & utility bikes have a 3 way? I dunno, but its gorgeous.

25 02 2013

Saw the bike at the show, great bike. First time seeing Scott’s bags and they are very, very nice.

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