Pugsley wheel weight savings…

19 02 2013
Surly Rolling Darryl rims...

Surly Rolling Darryl rims…

I was curious how much weight my wheels would lose with my swap to Rolling Darryl rims and possibly going tubeless.

  • Rolling Darryl rims +890g [powder coating is ~30g]
  • Surly rim strip +95g
  • Stans 3oz +90g
  • split tube +175g
  • Surly fat tube -425g
  • Large Marge DH -1150
  • rim tape -50g

Net loss per wheel is 375g or 0.83lb if I go tubeless or 215g/0.47lb if I stick with tubes.

Some people are going fat tubeless without a split tube for even greater weight savings – maybe 475-500g [~1lb] per wheel assuming some extra foam/tape/sealant is required. I think I’d just use the split tube since it seems so easy/reliable.

For interests sakes I weighed an Endomorph and it came out to 1200g which is on the light end of the fat tire spectrum so I don’t see any weight savings available there.



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19 02 2013
Jay C

I am not sure the weight savings is that big of a deal going tubeless on a fat bike – probably a bigger deal is the tubeless fat tires roll a fair bit earlier, especially when using lower pressures. That alone is worth it, if your rims work well setup as tubeless. YMMV of course.

19 02 2013

The difference in rolling resistance is a big plus with tubeless, but wheels that are nearly 1lb lighter will be noticeably easier to accelerate. It’s a win – win situation.

19 02 2013

I didn’t weight my 45Nth Husker Du ultralight casing tyres before I put them on the bike but they claim 1,240g. Impressed that your endos are lighter! I got the HuDus for the tread pattern though, as the fattie is likely to see some pea gravel and hence the side knobs will hopefully be useful.

My 9:zero:7 will hopefully be up and running by the weekend!

8 05 2013
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