Pugsley wheel weight savings…

19 02 2013
Surly Rolling Darryl rims...

Surly Rolling Darryl rims…

I was curious how much weight my wheels would lose with my swap to Rolling Darryl rims and possibly going tubeless.

  • Rolling Darryl rims +890g [powder coating is ~30g]
  • Surly rim strip +95g
  • Stans 3oz +90g
  • split tube +175g
  • Surly fat tube -425g
  • Large Marge DH -1150
  • rim tape -50g

Net loss per wheel is 375g or 0.83lb if I go tubeless or 215g/0.47lb if I stick with tubes.

Some people are going fat tubeless without a split tube for even greater weight savings – maybe 475-500g [~1lb] per wheel assuming some extra foam/tape/sealant is required. I think I’d just use the split tube since it seems so easy/reliable.

For interests sakes I weighed an Endomorph and it came out to 1200g which is on the light end of the fat tire spectrum so I don’t see any weight savings available there.

Kiteboarding Peru…

19 02 2013


KSurf Magazine has a nice article about kiting in Peru on page 111 of issue 36. This e-zine is free if you want to check it out.