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18 02 2013
My Nomad in pieces...

My Nomad in pieces…

Coming back from a big trip always seems like a let down. The realities of everyday life get in the way of non-stop fun. Catching up on work. Paying bills. Surviving a heinous cold. No drinking beer at 9am. The usual. =(

My biking has been limited to urban adventures of the errand running kind. Not exactly terrible, but I’ve been itching to get out in the dirt again.

Work has other plans for me. I’ve got to take care of a project out of town next week and this week has been insane getting ready to leave.

That’s just as well since my Santa Cruz Nomad is completely dismantled. I dropped it off at Oak Bay Bikes to get her put back together while I am away. By the time I get back she’ll be rolling again with some minty fresh parts ready to get dirty.

I realized that my interest in getting a 650B mountain bike will take some time to become a reality. The companies I am keen on haven’t put out a 650B model yet and I should hold off a year once they do to let any kinks get worked out. That means another year or two of rocking the Nomad.

That’s cool by me since the Nomad makes me smile. However, I figured there were a few upgrades worth undertaking if I was going to keep riding my trusty mountain bike. So stay tuned for some modest bike bling. 🙂

Red Surly Rolling Darryls...

Red Surly Rolling Darryls…

I got my fat bike rims back from the powder coater. They are shiny red now and ready to get swapped into my Pugsley’s wheels. My bike budget is tied up in the Nomad rebuild so these wheels will have to wait until March. That’s fine – I don’t have any fat bike missions on the books at the moment.

Slow and steady wins the race! 😉



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18 02 2013

Powder coating looks great. This never occured to me but this may be in the future. I don’t know much about it but does it fill in the bead seat groove?

19 02 2013
Doug M.

I’m keen to try a Norco Sight or Range 650b bike; a local shop is very into Specialized and the Norcos use a licensed FSR system which I hear good things about. I’ll be in the market next year, most likely.

20 02 2013

Any recommendations for finding a good powder-coater for a bike? There are several shops that do it locally, but I’m not sure of the questions to ask them when wondering if they can handle a bike.

20 02 2013

@Derrick – I am no a powder coat [PC] expert so take my comments with a grain of salt.

Two main issues:

1. sophistication of PC desired

2. proper preparation of the frame

If you are looking for a high end PC job [metallic sparkling tangerine] you need to find an expert PC shop that deals with multi-coat treatments of show quality items. You can ask to see photos of previous projects. I don’t have such a shop where I live so I have to either settle for a basic single coat process [black, green, red, white, etc…] or I have to pack and ship my bike to a larger city that has more options.

If you are just looking for basic PC services you can go to any PC shop and check out what they are doing. Have a look at the stuff that’s ready for pick up. As long as the finish is applied evenly and there are no glaring issues you are probably okay.

The one issue with bikes is that you have lots of threaded areas and press fit areas that either need to be protected prior to PCing or cleaned up afterwards. The clean up is a hassle so protect the frame properly. That means you or the PC shop has to insert something into each area to stop the PC from entering.

Costs varying by market and complexity of the desired finish. Basic colours are cheaper – especially if it’s something they can combine with other jobs [black, white, red, etc…] to reduce setup time. If you can wait until they get a bunch of jobs of the same colour they should offer you a lower price. If you prep your frame [sand blast] and protect any openings you don’t want painted it before you drop it of they should drop the price.

If you ask your local bike shops for recommendation they should be able to steer you to a PC shop that’s worked on a reasonable number of bikes. A car or motorcycle service shop would also probably be able to give you a recommendation.

20 02 2013

Those are some pretty rims. I enjoyed reading this article. I am considering getting a fat bike, if I move some place that has snow. Not much use in Dallas.

Peace 🙂

20 02 2013

@Chandra – my fat bike hasn’t seen snow for years. We don’t get any real snow in Victoria. A fat bike is a fun mountain bike even for places with only dirt to ride.

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