S&S Coupled Fatbike with Snowshoe Racks…

15 02 2013


I ran across this fatbike on MTBR.com. It’s S&S coupled and has custom racks made from snowshoes and poles. I figured it was ingenious enough that it was worth sharing. Click on either image to jump to the original post.

Now it's a sled!

Now it’s a sled!

“The S&S Fat Bike is the best thing I have ever purchased! With the trips all over the state of Alaska for work or fun this bike is the ticket! I have had it in a Super Cub,180, 207, Beaver, etc… and I have taken to the lower 48. I have saved over $200 (on Delta) per trip. The wheels are in a second bag.

The real reason why I had this bike custom made was for the conditions when you cannot ride. In 2009 during my ride to Nome, Mother Nature threw us for a loop & I pushed my bike hundreds of miles…during this long stretch of postholing, I decided that I needed a bike that could break apart. As soon as I returned to Anchorage, I talked with the guys at AK Chain Reaction to see if they could custom build one for me. Chain Reaction contracted the first S&S Fat bike through Litespeed. I then designed my own custom sled & modified my snowshoes to complete the package. It’s tested & proven & works great!

Billy Koitzsch

Arctic Cycles”



4 responses

15 02 2013
All Seasons Cyclist

Looks great!

15 02 2013
Luis Bernhardt

I would never buy another bike without S&S couplers! In the 3+ years I’ve owned my Rodriguez fixie, I have been on 10 round-trip flights. I figure that with the savings in bicycle & excess baggage fees (the bike + wheels fit in just one regulation-size box), I have already paid for the couplers and the case. And if I ever buy an S&S-coupled tandem, I’ve already got one of the two cases required.

15 02 2013

Joe Cruz – has a cool travel bike by Rob English that packs for travel without S&S couplers.


19 02 2013

Very cool.

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