Dirt Rag Arrowhead 135 Photos…

13 02 2013
Photo: Jeremy Kershaw from Dirt Rag...

Photo: Jeremy Kershaw from Dirt Rag…

I found these great photos via VeloDirt from the 2012 Arrowhead 135 race. Well worth a look if fat bikes and winter racing interest you. Click on the image to jump to the Dirt Rag site.

You can read an account from the 2013 edition of the AH135 over at the Salsa Blog:



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13 02 2013

I am looking forward to seeing my 1st fat bike in the flesh next week when I visit Canada.

13 02 2013

Why don’t any of fat-bikers pull sleds on these types of races? Or do I just never see them? It seem that they’re all into the bike-packing scene, but I’d imagine that pulling a sled and getting the weight off of the frame would really help with tire floatation.

13 02 2013

I don’t think pulling a sled would be any better. Mike Curiak tried a fat tire trailer for expedition style rides where carrying an epic amount of supplies was needed. That idea has been used for desert fat bike expeditions as well.

For racing a light compact setup that can be easily ridden and pushed is important.

I have seen a setup where the front and rear racks were snow shoes/poles and there was an emergency sled that could be assembled to carry the bike [S&S coupled] gear on really soft snow, but I have only seen one setup like that.

13 02 2013
Doug Robertson (@upnorthdoug)

Tim Ek did a great job writing up his experiences in the 2013 AH135. I see him riding several times a week while I’m bike commuting to work. I stopped and talked with him a week after the Arrowhead. I got the short version of the write-up, it was three words: “It sucked Doug!” He was refering to being soaking wet from the wet snow fall and all the pushing. Tim is an endurance junky and has ridden many 24 hr MTB races and gravel grinders including some outstanding finishes in Trans-Iowa. He said the Arrowhead was the probably the hardest race he’s ever finished.

A few days before I saw Tim I ran into Todd McFadden’s wife out on the trails on her 9zero7. Todd won this years Arrowhead in record time. His wife said Tim had a race that he wished he could bottle. He was in the zone and strong the whole 14+ hours.

Doug from MnBicycleCommuter

14 02 2013
14 02 2013

Here is a fatbike sled setup:


15 02 2013

I pulled a BOB through the Edmonton river valleys on a new-years-eve camping trip, but it wasn’t a big snow year, so it’s hard to tell if it’s much more effective.

One of my favourite snow-biking adventures was meeting a friend at a wee little ski hill (also in Edmonton – very small hill indeed) with the plan to get back to Whyte ave by pulling her on her snowboard using my bike and a rope. Worked great! She was much faster on the downhills than I was and would catch up to my back tire but we quickly learned that she just had to do some turns to slow down when we were headed downhill.

15 02 2013

@Malcom – tow longboard skateboarding was popular [with us] in when we were in Calgary. We never thought to tow a snowboarder in winter. Good idea as long as you didn’t damage the board.

Big Dummy

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