Pugsley Frame Failures…

10 02 2013
Seat stays at seat tube...

Seatstays at seat tube…

Based on the reports of quite a few Surly Pugsley owners on MTBR.com there seems to be a problem with a fair number of Pugsleys made in the last few years. Cracks are appearing where the seatstays attach to the seattube and where the cahinstays attach to the BB. The cracks seem to all be on the non-drive side of the bike.

You’ve got a 3yr warranty on your Surly so as long as you keep an eye on this and report it within the warranty period Surly will give you a new frame. Not everybody is experiencing this problem so I wouldn’t panic, but it’s wide spread enough to warrant regular inspection of the affected areas.

Chainstays at BB...

Chainstays at BB…

Both of my 2009 Pugsleys have been used hard and don’t show any cracking. Surly has changed the way these parts of the bike are attached to each other for 2013 so the problem should be solved.

Trying to crack my Pugs! ;)

Trying to crack my Pugs! 😉

Update: apparently some of the new Pugsley frames are cracking as well. Not sure what to say about that. Yikes!

Update 2: Surly posted some info on their blog about cracked Pugsley frames.



3 responses

6 02 2013
All Seasons Cyclist

Thanks for the reminder! I heard about this problem before and try to check my frame every few weeks.

6 02 2013
Anthony DeLorenzo (@adelorenzo)

Hmm, interesting… I have the olde style grey pugs, I’ll have a gander but mine is well out of warranty.

6 02 2013

@Anthony – both of mine are the same vintage and are fine. I think it’s something affecting the newer Pugs for some reason???

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