Showing the Pugsley some love…

31 01 2013
New and used bling for my Pugs...

New and used bling for my Pugs…

I’m back in Victoria after a lovely trip south of the border. Having ridden my Surly Pugsley a ton in Baja I’ve come to appreciate it more than ever. I figured its many years of loyal service deserved some pay back. So I collected a few new and used parts to install on the bike.

  • Titec H-bar [used to be my Pugs bar and is going back on]
  • Brooks B17 [comfy for long rides]
  • lightly used SRAM 8spd chain
  • Surly Rolling Darryl rims with cut outs

I’ve been through a lot of handlebars and saddles on the Pugsley. I’m going back to the Titec H-bar because it provided the best balance of comfort and control for non-technical riding/touring. I’ve come to the realization that techy MTBing on a rigid bike just isn’t my thing. I’ve got a full suspension bike I enjoy riding technical terrain with much more. My only gripe with the Titec H-bar was the control placement for steep techy terrain. If I take that off the menu the H-bar rocks.

The plastic SDG saddle that’s currently on the Pugs is awesome for short rides of 1hr or 2hrs, but isn’t so comfy for all day rides. I had a spare Brooks B17 so I’ll use that instead.

My Pugsley’s chain is thoroughly trashed after the many weeks of beach use. I found a lightly used 8spd SRAM chain in my spare parts box so I’ll throw it on.

On the wheel front are the only new parts for the Pugs. A set of Surly Rolling Darryl rims with cut outs. My current rims are old skool Large Marges – I think I have the uber heavy DH version. So I’ll be able to drop weight from my wheels and get a wider tire footprint for sand use. This is definitely not an essential upgrade. My old wheels were going strong, but I’ve wanted to check out some of these lighter and wider rims for a while.

Before I mess with my current wheels I’m going to open up the Shimano Alfine 8 IGH. I want to make sure it’s in decent condition after 4yrs of neglect. If it isn’t I’ll use a different IGH – possibly a Rohloff I am not using or I’ll buy another Alfine 8 since they are so cheap and I don’t really need the Rohloff’s wide gear range for my fat biking.

If possible I’ll reuse the old spokes and nipples on the new rims. Who knows I may even get motivated to go tubeless for the maximum pimpage of the Pugs! 😉