My North kiteboarding 2013 dream quiver…

25 01 2013

North kiteboarding action…

If money was no object here is what I would ride from the 2013 North line up…

North Neo kite – 4 line w/ 3 struts…


The Neo is a fun surf/freeride oriented kite that would be great as the core of my kite quiver. The 5m can handle epic winds with the 7m & 10m covering my bases for most days. The Dyno has my back as a dedicated lightwind weapon to prevent any wasted days at beach.

North Select…


The Select is a killer freeride twin tip for strapped riding. The Whip is a rocket for strapless high wind conditions and the Nugget is great to lightwind days.

I would add a Beachdog skim board to the mix as well.

La Ventana Baja…

Local Dealer



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