Surly Nates = Sold!

24 01 2013
Surly Nate...

Surly Nate…

I’ve got a like new set of Surly Nate 27tpi tires 26″ x 4″ fatbike tires I’m selling. They’ve been used 10 times or so on dirt and are not worn at all. A pair of these tires new sell for $180 + shipping. I’m selling mine set for $110 + shipping.

Fat tires with uber traction...

Fat tires with uber traction…

I bought these tires for their epic traction and was going to use my Pugsley for trail riding in the winter. I’ve concluded I prefer to ride my full suspension MTB even in the winter so the Pugsley is going back to soft conditions/touring mode. For that use I don’t need super duper traction knobby tires.

Endo, Larry and Nate...

Endo, Larry and Nate…

I’ll be home Tuesday 29 Jan and can ship then or arrange to meet up if you want to pick them up locally.



7 responses

24 01 2013

Are you upgrading to 45North Huker Du tires ? They are buzz of preference in the fat tire bike community.

24 01 2013

@Kim – nope…I’ll just use the Endo/Larry combo I have on my Pugs. That works great for beach riding and bikepacking on non-techy trails.

24 01 2013

Have a safe drive home!

24 01 2013

I rather suspect I would pick these up from you. no shipping necessary.

24 01 2013

Also, Tuesday is my day off and I live in Vic.

24 01 2013

Sounds good. I’ll email you when I am back to arrange a meet up.

28 01 2013

I’m back in town and free to meet up Tuesday. Could you meet at the Cafe Fantastico Dockside Green location at 11am?

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