Why I haven’t gone tubeless on my Pugs?

22 01 2013
Totally fat - totally tubed...

Totally fat – totally tubed…

I’ve posted on this blog about trying to setup my Pugsley tubeless. I’ve even gone so far as to get the inner tubes I’d need for the split tube method that seems to offer the best results. Having said that my Pugs still sports inner tubes.

If you are wondering why the main reasons are:

  1. laziness
  2. inconsistent use
  3. lack of flats

Setting the Pugs up tubeless isn’t a huge deal. It will probably take me 4 beers to get done, but not doing anything takes a bunch less time and costs nothing so that option has been very appealing. 😉

My Pugsley gets used a lot for a period of time – such as daily rides in Baja for 7 weeks – then it sits gathering dust for a couple months in the garage without a second look until I need it again. My admittedly limited experience with tubeless [2 MTBs] tells me it works best on bikes that see regular riding. The idea of having to reseat the tires and mess with sealant every couple months isn’t motivating me to make the change.

The final factor is the fact I just don’t get any Pugsley flats. I was riding every day in Baja for 7 weeks and didn’t get a single flat with my tubes. This is in thorn country where other bikers are dealing with multiple flats a day. I don’t have many bike related super powers, but this is one of them. If I had 10 flats on my Baja trip you’d see me do the tubeless thing the first day I got home to Victoria!

So the only two reasons I have to do the switch to tubeless are losing some weight and better rolling resistance from my tires. Those aren’t inconsiderable motivations. One of these days I’ll get it done – just not today!

My Pugs with Nates...

My Pugs with Nates…

If you are terribly disappointed by my lack of tubeless fat content you can check out a tubeless Moonlander over at the Gypsy by Trade Blog. That should keep you going! 😉