My 2013 Ocean Rodeo dream quiver…

9 01 2013

OR kites on the beach…

If money was no object here’s what I would ride from Ocean Rodeo in 2013:

2013 Ocean Rodeo Razor…


The Razor is a solid core kite for my quiver with a good balance of fast pivotal turning and reasonable stability. The Storm covers the really nuking days where robust construction and the ability to deal with gusts/lulls is important. The Flite is a dedicated lightwind weapon to make sure I am not sitting on the beach while other folks are riding. The Cyper isn’t absolutely needed, but it’s nice to have a second option in the core part of the quiver for a different feel and so I can really tune my kite to the conditions.

Ocean Rodeo Freeride bar…


The Freeride bar would get used the most with the Fusion bar pulled out for higher wind days where the mini-fifth line safety is appreciated most. I like having 3 bars so I can have a failure or a line tangle without messing up my session or the trip.

Mako in action…


The Mako 140 is my go to twin tip, but it’s nice to have a real twin tip to ride when I want to load the board up for big air. The Mako’s concave means it will not flex – at all! The Quad is a fun strapless board and the bigger Thruster gives me a strapped option for jumping and epic days.

Add in a Beachdog skim board and I would be totally happy to ride all conditions from nuking to ultra light.



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