My Liquid Force Kiteboarding 2013 dream quiver…

7 01 2013

Pink with Envy!

If money was no object here is what I would ride from the Liquid Force Kiteboarding 2013 product line up…

Liquid Force kite action…


We love the Envy and Sharon’s got 3 of them so it’s no shock I’d pick it as the core of my kite quiver. Bombproof construction, lots of stability and light construction make it perfect for nuking winds right down to the lighter end of spectrum. The 16m NRG is a dedicated lightwind design to prevent any sitting on the beach when winds drop.

Liquid Force Kitefish direction skim board…


Liquid Force has a great board range with the DLX handling twin tip freeride duties and 4’10” and 5’7″ quad surfboards taking you from lightwind to fully powered strapless territory. The Kitefish is an inexpensive and fun skim board option that’s worth a spot in your quiver.

Kite Paddle Surf – Bellingham WA

Local Dealer



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