Doping – the Big Picture…

5 01 2013
Click image for more dope...

Click image for more dope…

Velonews has an interesting interview with Dr. John Hoberman that paints a disturbing picture of collusion and corruption at the UCI, IOC and other top level sports organizations when it comes to the fight against doping. If you were wondering how LA and his doper buddies could get away with such a long and successful run at cheating in cycling the interviews offers some clues.

Updatethere is a rumbling on Velonews that Lance may come clean in exchange for a less than life ban on competition. Just a rumour at this point, but that would be an incredible end to the whole Armstrong saga.



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7 01 2013

Considering almost all of the top 3 tour de france winners over the past 15 years have been accused, proven to be or suspected of doping, it’s wide spread, and Lance is one of many. In a bunch of cheaters, he was still the fastest. It’s definitely sullied the reputation of road racing, which is pretty niche to begin with. Lance could have come clean ages ago, might have saved his ass. He could do a good sob story, promise to come clean, even perhaps expose the entire thing and name names.

7 01 2013

Heather – the fact that other folks cheated as well doesn’t mean the race was fair. LA had by far the most sophisticated doping program and the most $$ to spend on doping so even amongst dopers the field wasn’t level. Then there are the many clean riders whose names you never heard who didn’t get a chance to race the big races because they couldn’t compete with the dopers.

All you can say about LA is he was the best cheater.

8 01 2013
Micheal Blue

Yeah, I’ve read that article – it’s disturbing. If all that is really true, many professional sports are basically glorified WWE.

11 01 2013

I doubt that his interview on Oprah will be an effort to come clean. I expect a useless PR show – he will come well prepared and say absolutely nothing. Afterall Oprah is the kind of show where Tom Cruise is welcome to sit on the couch and be sure not to be asked about Scientology.
LA has too much money to loose as well may be charged with perjury. Plus he I doubt that he even sees himself as a cheater. Only if he’d say something we didn’t already know about the corruption in the UCI and TDF there would be some value in his apperance.

If he doesn’t do that he should just shut up and disappear in the vault of doped cyclists that have been lying to themselves and the rest of the world.

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