Happy New Year!

1 01 2013
Excellent Photo: Dave Silver...

Excellent Photo: Dave Silver…

My 2013 To Do List:

  1. Ride Sedona AZ
  2. SUP and kitesurf in the waves on the Pacific coast of Baja
  3. Ride Cumberland BC
  4. Attend 2 Moontribe full moon gatherings
  5. Ride Squamish BC
  6. Bikepack from Nanimo back to Victoria on dirt
  7. Finish my Santa Cruz Nomad upgrades
  8. Ride Harbourview @ Sooke BC
  9. Get Sharon out for her first overnight bike tour
  10. Get a new consulting contract or job for 2013
  11. Clean out my office
  12. Get a solar power camping setup
  13. Try 4 new restaurants in Victoria
  14. Drink fresh beer from Phillips brewery more and bottled beer less
  15. Catch a salmon by rod and reel
  16. Fillet a salmon I caught for Sharon & Midnight
  17. and cook the salmon I caught on my new BBQ [birthday present from Sharon!] 😉
  18. Ruthlessly get rid of all the clothes my I can’t fit into anymore and that I will never fit into again unless I go on a hunger strike to protest against BC’s mandatory helmet law
  19. Figure out a way to hang my hammock in the backyard…bonus points if I figure out a way to hang my hammock inside the house!
  20. Find some new peeps to ride with that are not so fast they make me puke!
  21. Sell 1 kiteboard and 1 bike
  22. Buy 1 new kiteboard and 1 new bike
  23. Learn to manual my MTB confidently
  24. Reorganize the cat sunroom [aka catio] to be more lovely for the cat
  25. Get out for 1 day of trail maintenance at Hartland MTB Park