Got sand?

23 12 2012
Sandy Pugselys - just how I like 'em...

Sandy Pugselys – just how I like ’em…

Sharon off to a hula hooping jam on the beach...

Sharon off to a hula hooping jam on the beach…




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23 12 2012

So my necromancer got delayed from surly so I tracked one down one out of Minnesota. Question for you if you got a minute… I’m getting the stock hollie Daryl’s with nate and lary back and front. I’m riding some snow packed roads, some trails, some sand, probably a bunch of berms. Sort of getting it for fun since I’m not a huge mountain biker.. You think I should swap out to marge lites since I likely dont need the added float. I’m a road biker freaked out about rolling resistance.

23 12 2012
Bike wRider

The short answer is it doesn’t matter.
We’re talking 17 mm.
Choose either, both will work great IF you allow yourself to relax, roll slow, and enjoy the ride.

Good luck and enjoy the contrast to your road bike.

24 12 2012

Thanks. Happy holidays

24 12 2012

@Rich – if you were building the bike from scratch the Marge Lites would be a reasonable choice, but it’s a hassle to rebuild wheels just to swap rims. You may also find that you appreciate the extra float and use your Necro for more varied rides than you expected.

If you want to roll faster the Nate on the back is not a fast tire. If you don’t need its aggressive tread perhaps swap in some thing faster rolling back there. That will make more difference than a set of Marge Lites.

24 12 2012

Thanks again. I knew you would have some very good feedback given the excellent review on the blog. I owe you a beer someday.

24 12 2012

Anytime. Enjoy the new ride. =)

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