Fixing the Fatty…

20 12 2012
Pulling the rear wheel...

Pulling the rear wheel…

We’ve done pretty well avoiding flat tires down here in Baja, but Sharon pulled off the main track in an arroyo to let a truck pass and of course there were a million thorns waiting for her. 😦

Hunting for the leak...

Hunting for the leak…

So we took the opportunity to run a fat tire flat fixing clinic!

Checking to make sure rim tape was still in place...

Checking to make sure rim tape was still in place…

I drank beer and provided technical advice to Sharon as she repaired her Pugsley. 😉

Alfine 8 still going strong!

Alfine 8 still going strong!

We took a look at the rest of her fat bike and all is well with the Alfine 8 and the Avid BB7 brakes.

Putting the chain back on...

Putting the chain back on…

My rear brake has been making goofy noises since I got here, but I’ve been too lazy to do anything about it.

Pugs in the fix it position under some shade...

Pugs in the fix it position under some shade…

Sharon’s zeal for bike maintenance got me motivated and I adjusted my rear BB7 for silent operation again.

BB7 all tweaked and ready to roll...

BB7 all tweaked and ready to roll…









9 responses

20 12 2012
Bike wRider

Pair of Pugsleys in Baja in December, I should be so lucky. Enjoy.

20 12 2012

you guys do things properly! tarp to put the bikes on and some nice shade 🙂 looks awesome.

20 12 2012
Steve Fuller

3 oz or so of Stans or homemade sealant in the tubes does wonders. We’ll be in Cabo for a few days in Feb. Wish I could bring the fatbike down and sleep on the beach.

20 12 2012

@Steve – I considered going tubeless on both Pugs, but they get used sporadically yet intensely so it didn’t quite seem worth it. I’m guessing we’ll have 3 flats in 3 months of Pugs riding in Baja which is not awesome, but not enough to get my lazy butt in gear. 😉

23 12 2012

Hi Vik, I noticed you are running 65mm Marge rims. What do you think of the 80-ish mm Rolling Darryl? I imagine they would seat the tire noticeably wider and provide better float and traction in difficult conditions.

24 12 2012

@Leo – If you need max floatation with a 4″ tire the 82mm RDs would be a good choice. I’m not sure you’d see much difference in traction and there is a bit of a weight penalty to using the wider rims.

The Large Marges I’m using and the new Marge Lites are a good size at 65mm for general purpose fat biking. The rounder tire profile is nice for mountain bike-esque handling on dirt.

Just depends what your riding conditions are usually like. Either rim can be a good choice.

26 12 2012

Hey Vik, Love the blog. I was curious, how tall is your lady friend? I’m a 5’5″ woman and I’ve been toying with getting a fat bike, but wasn’t sure if they made a Pug small enough for me. I currently ride a 50cm Cross Check for point of reference.

We’ve received 16″ of snow in Wisconsin and will probably get a few more inches here and there, so riding fat seems like a good way to get around when no one else can!

26 12 2012

Sharon is 5’6″ and rides a 16″ Pugs with the old style frame that has a higher TT than the current Pugs. You should be able to get on a Pugs. 🙂

26 12 2012

Awesome! Thanks for the info 🙂

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