There is a God! ;)

18 12 2012
Google Maps are back on the iPhone!

Google Maps are back on the iPhone!

Click here to read all about it. I’m stoked with my iPhone again! 😉



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18 12 2012
Steve Jones

I doubt this had anything to do with God Vic. He can navigate without a phone, same way I’ve always done. Handy app for sure if it floats your boat, but when I get on my bike I prefer to ride ungoogled and get away from all that stuff. I like Salsa’s motto: Adventure by bike!

18 12 2012

By definition everything has to do with God! 😉 The Salsa folks are using GPS when they Adventure by Bike.

I’ve been on many GPS enabled adventures. When you want to explore and record your travels in detail the GPS is very handy to let you know where you’ve been and where you are headed. My exploration of the Vancouver Island logging road network has been long and hard even though I’ve know where I was on my GPS. Without it I’d barely have gotten anything done.

But then I don’t go out of my way to make my trips harder than necessary just to make a point.

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