The Purr-fect Balance!

15 12 2012
Just replace the first kid with a cat and it would be perfect!!!

Just replace the first kid with a cat and it would be perfect+yay!!!



7 responses

15 12 2012

I love it! And I agree with ya.

15 12 2012

I’m currently transitioning from “Hang on” to “Big Dummy”. Hope it works.

15 12 2012
jnyyz Longtails make great kid haulers. Make sure you get a good centrestand.

16 12 2012

The Big Dummy can definitely carry two kids. Whether it’s a practical option depends on the logistics of where you live. Good luck and have fun!

16 12 2012
Matt Dokken

this is great….so true

17 12 2012

I love this pictorial. Awesome.
So, yeah – what happened? 🙂

17 12 2012

I love it! ditto for the cat. I’ve got 2, but still don’t have to take them anywhere. My sister gave up her kick ass cycling ways when she had kids and spends too much time in her mini suv carting them around. No time! My husband had 3 kids btw, did his best to be a committed cyclist single dad with trailers and trailer bikes, but they hated it went to live with their mom + car before I came along! I hope all the cool parents with extra cycles and big dummy’s don’t get crestfallen if their kids rebel and refuse to learn how to ride their own bikes.

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