Vibram Five Fingers KSO – Redux!

12 12 2012

Five Fingers KSO old & new…

After many repairs and a tube of Shoe Goo it was time to say goodbye to my Vibram Five Fingers KSO slippers. The tears between the toes were no longer practically repairable. I got a new pair on sale at Although they have some serious flaws for watersport use they are still the best option for kiteboarding footwear.

Sadly the soles are brand new even though the uppers are thrashed…

I also bought a new bobbin of black thread and a fresh tube of Shoe Goo. Let the games begin! 😉



5 responses

12 12 2012

Those are beat! How long have you worn them?

12 12 2012

2 winter and summer kiteboarding seasons….maybe 180 days total.

12 12 2012

Wow. Have you seen/used the Altra Adams? They seem very similar. Once my KSOs wear out, that’s what I am leaning towards.

13 12 2012

For board sports the Altra Adams are not useful replacement for the Five Fingers. For general walking/running they may be a good choice.

8 01 2013
Mike "Barefoot" Johnson

You might be excited to hear that there are a few new water sports models coming out. The Lontra, Maiori and Treksport Sandal can be seen here if you want to see some images.

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