Take care of your knees!

9 12 2012

Scott resting his knee after the crash…

My buddy Scott crashed hard while kiting and landed on his surfboard with his right knee. We had to carry him out of the water and help him move around for the first few days. He’s now able to hobble on his own and will be seeing a knee surgeon when he gets back home.


Scott with his knee brace on and 2 margaritas for pain relief…

You don’t appreciate how amazing your knees are until they don’t work correctly. Than you realize that you aren’t going anywhere fast without a healthy knee. So take care of them!



One response

9 12 2012

Great idea to take care of oneself. You are absolutely right, Vik.
Things are too often taken for granted, until they break.

Have a safe one!

Paz 🙂

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