RIP Ocean Rodeo Rise Kites…

30 11 2012

Ocean Rodeo Rise kite at Nitnaht Lake…

The two main kites I’ve been flying the last few years have been 8m & 10m Ocean Rodeo Rises. They served me well with grin inducing performance and no maintenance hassles. But, I’m ready for a change. Partially that’s to try some of the new modern kite designs and partially that’s just because I want a change of pace. Sadly OR has decided to end the Rise model in 2012 and once the last kites are sold there won’t be any new ones made. 😦

Here’s what the Rise did well:

  • wide wind range
  • fast turning
  • rugged construction
  • big jumps and lots of hang time
  • decent water relaunch
  • went upwind well
  • fast riding speed
  • depowers well

OR Rise in Baja…

Here’s what wasn’t so great about the Rise:

  • not stable which req’d lots of attention from rider
  • did not pull at constant strength through turns
  • turned on wing tip vs. around center
  • water relaunch was decent, but would easily invert
  • would backstall on launch in light winds

OR Rise waiting to hit the water…

Although the end of the Rise is sad OR has several nice kites in the line up to take over from it: the Razor, the Cypher, the Prodigy and the Flite. I’m going to get a couple new kites for the core of my quiver, but I won’t get rid of the Rises as they are in excellent shape, fun to ride and not worth a lot of $$. So it makes more sense to keep them than to sell them.



2 responses

1 12 2012

It’s a shame but I guess the line ran its course. Which OR kite is supposed to replace it for upwind/jumping ability?

2 12 2012

I don’t think there is a direct replacement at this point. The Razor is pretty good so that’s what I am switching to. I’m keeping my Rises. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it come back as a race kite.

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