Ocean Rodeo Demo Gear in La Ventana

29 11 2012

Ocean Rodeo Razor in Baja…

If you are in La Ventana Baja Mexico and want to try out some Ocean Rodeo gear come visit me in the Free Arroyo next to the Round Restaurant. Look for the OR flag and ask for Vik. I’ll be in town all of Dec ’12 and most of Jan ’13.

I’ll have the following demo gear available:

If you have any trouble finding me just leave me a comment with your email and I’ll make sure we connect. 🙂



2 responses

29 11 2012

Dude you are killing me. I stumbled on your blog doing pugsley research which is about as much fun this middle age guy is having at the moment. Sounds great and enticing invite. Working the dream in Erie pa. I would love to buy you a cold beer and here your story someday. Thanks for sharing and good luck and safe travels.

2 12 2012

@Rich – Anytime you are in Victoria BC drop me a line and we’ll go for a beer!

Enjoy the Pugsley… 😉

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