Airush Chop Top 5’3″ Surfboard…

28 11 2012

Airush Choptop 5’3″ kite surfboard…

Airush stopped making this board so I won’t go on about it too much since there will be limited opportunities to buy one. On the other hand if you see one new or used they’ll be priced well and they are a ton of fun so you may want to buy one!

Airush Choptop Review – click to read…

Although you can run straps on the Choptop it screams to be ridden strappless. It’s a fun shape – short and wide with a flat rocker for excellent lightwind performance. It’s got a fun playful character that is ideal for those less than epic days on the water.

FCS thruster setup…

I got this board for $100 from a friend in Baja who was the 2nd owner. It was pretty beat up – see photo below. So I had it repaired locally for $150 and added some new fins. It’s proven a worthy investment.

Nasty DIY home repairs…

This is a great board to add to your quiver for learning strapless riding. Then you’ll keep it for lightwind days and slashing mushy waves.

Looks much better now…

Even though Airush made the decision to stop making this super fun little board the good news is lots of other brands have come around to the idea that a short wide surfboard is a great addition to a kiter’s quiver. The Airush Cypher is the closest board left in that brand’s line up to the Choptop.

If you can’t find an Airush Choptop, but want a short playful kite surfboard here are some options that you can buy new:



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