Beachdog Kite Skimboard…

23 11 2012

Beachdog skimboard – click for more info…

Local Vancouver Island kiter Mark Bavis [aka Mark Two Dog] is one of the nice folks behind Elevation Kiteboarding School where Sharon got her lessons and became a solid kiteboarder. He’s also a dedicated skimboard rider who designed and sells the Beachdog skimboard.


  • solid wood core
  • 3D deck pad
  • ABS walls
  • concave bottom
  • rocker tip to tail.
  • size: 130 x 50 cm
  • transparent wood core with black outline and graphics
  • comes with 3 fins [2 rear & 1 front]
  • comes with a Dakine bag
  • cost $495USD

I’ve seen lots of these skimboards at Nitnaht Lake this summer so my interest was peaked. I finally got to try one for a session at the end of the summer and I was hooked right away. I had some $$ in my pocket from a kiteboard I sold so it was easy to just turn the money around and invest in this board.

Here’s what I like about it so far:

  • small size which is easy to travel with and transport
  • robust construction which is hard to damage unlike a surfboard
  • flat rocker makes it ideal for lighter winds and going fast
  • comes with a full deck pad for high traction and some cushion on rough water
  • lightweight makes it easy to spin and jump
  • because it’s got tiny fins and is so tough I can ride into shallow water that would destroy my surfboards
  • it’s very loose so it can be spun around easily
  • can be ridden both ways if you gotta make a quick escape
  • can be ridden with 3 fins, 2 fins or without fins for lots of different options
  • looks sweet
  • I love that it comes with a bag….saves me having to buy one

Bottom line what rocks about this board is it makes those less than epic days super fun and really challenges my strapless riding. Every time you kite on this board it’s obvious it was designed by someone who loves to love to kitesurf with a skimboard.

Beachdog skimboard action…

Here is a review from The Kiteboarder Magazine which I generally agree with. I differ in that I didn’t find the Beachdog skim hard to ride at all and I am no Strapless God. 😉 If you can ride a strapless surfboard comfortably riding this skim will not be a problem.

You can read a little 411 about skimboards for kiteboarding at this link.

Great work Mark – I hope you sell a ton of these.



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