Heading for the border…

21 11 2012

Enough gear for an army!

I’m head to Baja starting today. First I gotta get on a ferry to Port Angles and then drive to LA. I’m meeting up with my friend Scott in LA and we are convoying down the Baja to La Ventana. I plan to be back in Victoria at the start of Feb 2013. So that gives me 2 months in Baja to beach camp, SUP, fat bike and kitesurf. I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

Just so you don’t think I’ll be having an unconscionable amount of fun I will be working while in Baja with my laptop and WiFi. It’s just less of a drag to work with your feet buried in the sand and palm trees rustling overhead in the breeze… 😉

Starting today until I get back in Feb the blog content will be mostly kiteboarding related with some fatbike and SUP ramblings as well. If you only want cycling content then change the channels for a couple months and come back to the blog in 2013.



4 responses

21 11 2012

Safe travels!

21 11 2012

Ah the envy .. Anyway, have fun!

21 11 2012

Cool. Where’s the KLR? You need a trailer with the KLR and just throw the MTB’s on there too

23 11 2012

I seriously considered hauling the KLR to Baja, but I have so much gear already that one more large item like that just felt overwhelming. My first trip to Baja was a KLR ride offroad around the peninsula which really got me hooked on Baja so I know it would be a ton of fun.

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